Femme Wonk is a public policy podcast that will seek to continuously discuss both innovative and traditional public policy from the perspective of gender equality and inclusion.


Founder, Content Creator, Host

Feeling like the conversation around inclusive and diverse decision making was lacking on the East Coast, Katie Davey created Femme Wonk – a policy and current affairs podcast that seeks to discuss both innovative and traditional public policy through a gender and inclusion lens.

Katie has served as Director of Policy and Stakeholder Relation at the Office of the Official Opposition in New Brunswick, Senior Advisor for Policy and Stakeholder Engagement in the New Brunswick Premier’s Office, and President of the University of New Brunswick Student Union.

Katie currently operates KDC which supports organizations to achieve their social mission through inclusive decision making, advocacy, government relations, and public dialogue. She is a member of the Youth Working Group on Gender Equality for the Government of Canada, and a 2019/20 Action Canada Fellow.

Katie holds a Degree in Political Science from the University of New Brunswick and will be attending Wilfrid Laurier University in the fall to begin a Masters in Applied Politics.