Point Action Plan to Support Women in Politics

On April 16th, I woke up to a country that is governed exclusively by men. I looked at my partner and started to cry. I asked him what the point was if we just keep getting knocked down.

I seriously considered laying in bed all day and watching Netflix.

Instead I decided I was going to support women. Without much thinking, I took to Twitter and outlined the 6 action items I was going to do that day. And folks really responded.

So what’s the KD 6 Point Action Plan?

  1. Donate to women candidates

I made a small donation to the three New Brunswick MP’s who are running for re-election that are women. Even if you can only donate a few dollars, it goes a long way during a campaign. Your dollars are a vote of confidence whether $1 or $100. If donating isn’t in your budget, consider volunteering for a women you believe in.

2. Ask women to run

I emailed 5 women who I think would be fantastic candidates for political office and encouraged them to run. Three of those women have already put their names forward, but lost. I let them know that I thought they were amazing candidates and should seriously consider running again.

I’m sure we all know women who would be formidable representatives and many of them have never considered running. Your note could be the first step for somebody, or it could be the thing that pushes them to decide to run.

3. Join an organization focused on getting women elected

I joined Equal Voice. Their membership does cost $50, but I’m sure they’re looking for volunteers and would love to have you volunteer if the cost is prohibitive. I’ve also noticed local organizations popping up across the country. Take a minute to google local organizations near you, and if they don’t exist — why not create one? EDIT: Based on events, I have rescinded my Equal Voice membership.

4. Identify my own biases

I think this is such an important step. We have all been raised in certain environments and have different lived experiences. We all have biases, but it’s important to know what they are and to work on eliminating them.

Click here for a great unconscious bias test.

5. Amplify women that I admire

In my twitter post I tagged over 10 women that I admire. A few were political leaders, but many were community leaders in their own way. Lots of folks are working to change the world and we should be highlighting them as well. Biases against women exist in nearly every sector. We should be doing what we can to lift all women up.

6. Thank my crew for being awesome allies and raising up their community

I feel so fortunate to have so many amazing gal pals in my life that not only support me without judgement, but that also contribute so much to their communities. I let them know how grateful I am for their love and support.

Battling the patriarchy is hard work. You need your squad to keep you sane.

So one conversation at a time, let’s work together to get more women elected.