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Ep 20: The Newcomer Experience

In this episode, we chat with KJ about his experience as an international student and newcomer in New Brunswick. We talk about both the challenges and the bright spots as well as some policy innovations that would increase inclusive immigration. 

This is the second episode in our inclusive immigration series. 

Ep 18: Inclusive Immigration

In today's episode we're joined by Ginette Gautreau -- assistant director at the New Brunswick Multicultural Council.  We talk about inclusive immigration, which at its core, is as simple as treating immigrants as humans rather than economic engines. 

We asked Ginette how can folks listening can promote a more inclusive conversation around immigration. Here are the tips she suggested:

Volunteer and attend events with the multicultural communities in your own communities  Look at how you’re bringing newcomers into your space - are you actively trying to diversify folks around the table? Reinforce kindness, curiosity, open openness with your own actions .