Ep 15: The Rise of Minority Governments in Canada

I'm joined by Jordan O'Brien for a second time. He first joined the pod in episode 3 to chat about the 1.5x incentive to political parties for votes cast for women candidates -- check it out.

In this episode, we chat about the recently elected minority government in PEI, our experience navigating a historic election in New Brunswick, what challenges and benefits that minority governments have, and we sprinkle in a bit of electoral reform. 

We lean into our inner policy wonk so let us know what you think. 

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Ep 14: Discussion w/ Brian Gallant

In this episode, we're joined by former Premier of New Brunswick and Minister Responsible for Women's Equality, Brian Gallant.

This episode is jam packed. We chat about how Mr. Gallant found himself in the role of minister responsible for women's equality, some of the policies he's most proud of, why men's ally-ship is so important, and how we can keep moving forward. 

On a personal note, I worked for Premier Gallant for 2.5 years and it was a real privilege to get to recap his thinking on some of the work I found most impactful. 

We also chat about our recent blog post: 6 Point Action Plan to get More Women Elected.  

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Ep 11: Siyabulela Mandela & Bernadette Fernandes

In today's episode we are honoured to chat with both Siyabulela Mandela & Bernadette Fernandes.

Siyabulela Mandela is an internationally recognized academic and activist grandson of the Freedom Fighter, Nelson Mandela. 

He is currently a Ph.D. candidate (International Relations and Conflict Resolution) in the Department of Politics and Conflict Studies at Nelson Mandela University, South Africa, where he is also a lecturer for the Politics and Conflict Studies Department. 

Bernadette Fernandes is the founder of The Varanda Network which seeks to promote inclusive trade partnerships. She is also the connector of Siyabulela to New Brunswick.

Together we discussed Siyabulela's work on conflict resolution, the importance of education, and the the challenges the global community is facing today. 

I want to thank Robyn Tingley of Glass Sky, and Bernadette Fernandes of The Varanda Network for making this episode possible. 

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