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Ep 15: The Rise of Minority Governments in Canada

I'm joined by Jordan O'Brien for a second time. He first joined the pod in episode 3 to chat about the 1.5x incentive to political parties for votes cast for women candidates -- check it out.

In this episode, we chat about the recently elected minority government in PEI, our experience navigating a historic election in New Brunswick, what challenges and benefits that minority governments have, and we sprinkle in a bit of electoral reform. 

We lean into our inner policy wonk so let us know what you think. 

Episode 13: The Art of Political Platforms

In this episode, we chat about the front runners and their platforms as we head into the Alberta and PEI elections.

I'm joined by Joan Kingston, former New Brunswick cabinet minister to discuss the roles of platforms, how they're built, and why they're still important. 

If you live in PEI or Alberta -- don't forget to vote!!