Ep 33: Politics, social media, and self-care

Today we’re talking about politics, social media, and self-care. By the time this episode is released, we’ll know the results of the 2019 election, however we recorded it a few days before.

I got the inspiration for this episode when I was recording last week’s episode. I was honestly feeling really overwhelmed about providing election commentary because I’ve felt pretty upset about many elements of this campaign. I also felt like spending time on Twitter was adding to the negativity I was feeling.

We chat with Kayley Reed, a successful entrepreneur who started her journey as a mental health advocate and co-founder of Wear Your Label. Her journey has led her to a successful business built around influencer marketing. She also hosts a podcast called Self-care Sunday. I wanted to talk to Kayley about how we can practice self-care in a negative political social media environment -- especially people like me who rely on social media as a tool for business.

We talk about setting boundaries on social media, the difference between personal and business use, where we both were when we found out Donald Trump was elected, the role social media now plays in politics, and last but not least, some tools we can use to have a better experience on social media, while still being an informed advocate for change.

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