Ep 10: Eliminating Bias in the Workplace

In today's episode we chat with Robyn Tingley, founder and CEO of Glass Sky. We chat about women's leadership, eliminating bias in the workplace, quotas on corporate boards, and resources that you and your employer can use to enhance inclusion. 

Robyn is the author of 10 Essentials for the Motivated Millennial: A Guide to High Performance for New Grads and Career Starters: Get it here 

She also referenced the launch of a free tool kit for employers to stamp out bias in the workplace: Check it out here

In this episode, we launched a new lightening round section to chat about current affairs. We highlighted the following things -- click on the links for more info.

1. New Brunswick 2019 Budget Analysis from a Femme Wonk

2. The gender equality chapter in the 2019 federal budget 

3. No Second Chances, a new Canada 2020 podcast

4. The Gender Gap Tracker

5. On the Basis of Sex

6. So Here's the Thing...

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