Ep 18: Inclusive Immigration

In today's episode we're joined by Ginette Gautreau -- assistant director at the New Brunswick Multicultural Council.  We talk about inclusive immigration, which at its core, is as simple as treating immigrants as humans rather than economic engines. 

We asked Ginette how can folks listening can promote a more inclusive conversation around immigration. Here are the tips she suggested:

Volunteer and attend events with the multicultural communities in your own communities  Look at how you’re bringing newcomers into your space - are you actively trying to diversify folks around the table? Reinforce kindness, curiosity, open openness with your own actions .

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Ep 17: Abortion Access

This episode is 100% unedited. We were supposed to be taking this week off -- so I’m travelling without my laptop or recording tools. It is because of my personal privilege that I had the choice to take a week off from engaging. This is not a privilege that folks fighting for their fundamental rights in the US have. I could not sit by and drink wine while the rights of women are being trampled on. I hope you’ll endulge my unedited episode while I share some thoughts, opinions, and experiences on abortion acess with you. 

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Ep 14: Discussion w/ Brian Gallant

In this episode, we're joined by former Premier of New Brunswick and Minister Responsible for Women's Equality, Brian Gallant.

This episode is jam packed. We chat about how Mr. Gallant found himself in the role of minister responsible for women's equality, some of the policies he's most proud of, why men's ally-ship is so important, and how we can keep moving forward. 

On a personal note, I worked for Premier Gallant for 2.5 years and it was a real privilege to get to recap his thinking on some of the work I found most impactful. 

We also chat about our recent blog post: 6 Point Action Plan to get More Women Elected.  

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Ep 12: No Second Chances w/Kate Graham

We're joined by Kate Graham to discuss her new project in collaboration with Canada 2020 -- No Second Chances. This project follows the journey of the 12 women previously elected as first ministers (premiers and prime minister) in Canada. We discuss some interesting learnings that the project has produced, as well as continued barriers for women in politics in Canada.

In our current affairs lightening round we chat about inclusive legislatures and some issues highlighted issues that have been in the news lately. Check out our blog post to learn more about it.  

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Ep 6: Early Learning

I'm joined by Mary Andow, a former senior policy adviser in the New Brunswick premier's office. Mary has been living in Australia for the last two years and working in the early learning space there. 

We chat about New Brunswick's Free Childcare Program, early learning programs across Canada, and how we hold up to the Aussie model. 

Apologies for the audio quality -- it's our first international interview!

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Ep 5: Ontario PSE Changes

In this episode, Katie provides an analysis of the changes that the Ford government announced to post-secondary education funding. She also highlights what changes like this could mean in the New Brunswick context (spoiler alert: it'd be bad).

We are also celebrating our one month anniversary and we'd love your feedback: https://goo.gl/forms/e28u9ffB4ZGK13ul2 

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Ep 3: 1.5% incentive

In this episode I'm joined by Jordan O'Brien. We discuss an amendment to the Political Process Financing Act in New Brunswick to allow for votes cast for women to be counted at 1.5% when calculating the per-vote subsidy. 

We discuss how this impacted the 2018 General Election, what can be done to improve it, the future of political fundraising in New Brunswick, and encouraging more women to run for elected office.

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